It often happens, more and more frequently, that an unexpected situation requires your mobility and the necessity to hire an office in Milan, to create an office parallel to the existing one or for creating a new office, necessity that must go hand in hand with the maximum efficiency and operability.

There may be a lot of causes or reasons that require you to rent an office in Milan: sudden change of work setting, a branch not yet ready, the need to concentrate in Milan a series of activities for a certain period of time, the urgency to duplicate the work place, the start-up of a new business network etc.
But what are the prices today for opening an office in Milan? Better yet in the center of Milan? Doing the math is easy. Office rent, security deposit, administrative expenses, electrical, telephone, ADSL lines, Wi-Fi and air conditioning connections, clean-up work such as painting the walls, painting the doors, adjusting the windows, arranging the restrooms, not to mention about costs for furnishings and objects: desks, chairs, shelves, sofas, meeting table, lamps, technological equipment, furniture items such as painting, plants etc.

You don’t need an expert to understand that to rent an office in Milan you have to talk about several tens of thousands of euros, at least for the first year.

Today, with the sudden fluctuations of the market, this is a step that freelancers and companies have to weigh in peace and tranquility, terms that almost never go along with professional and working times that require instead the maximum speed, efficiency and timeliness.

How to reconcile all this? With our serviced offices.